Sarah: A Lesson In Obedience

Sunday, July 21, 2019

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Everyone knows the story of Abraham and God's promise to him. Everyone also knows a thing or two about his sons, Issac and Ishmael. However, we don't know much about the women behind the scenes – Sarah and Hagar. I aim to shed some light on these two in two separate posts. 

A little background: Sarah was the wife and half-sister of Abraham. Her name was originally Sarai, but God later changed her name, along with that of her husband to further solidify His promise to them.

Speaking of the promise, that is the main reason Sarah is a lesson for all women. Sarah shows us women just how much power we have in influencing our men, and with that power comes great responsibility. She also shows us what not to do while waiting on God.

Now all women know that we have a certain power within us that can alter history. This example is best shown when it comes to Sarah. Both Sarah and Abraham knew that God promised them a son and promised them that they would be the ancestors of more people than the stars could count. However, Sarah had so much influence on Abraham that she influenced him to become the father of two nations! But how? It was her lack of faith that did it.

God told the old couple themselves that they would have a child. Of course, that was insanity to Sarah, being that she was old and barren, but she forgot what God said in Genesis 18:14, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” I think that she believed, but because He didn't do it on her time she panicked. As a result, she told Abraham to have a child with Hagar. And I think this is something that all women struggle with – we're so used to having to be in control all the time that we sometimes go overboard and wind up doing stuff that isn't even in our job description! Sarah panicked, thinking that God didn't have it handled and decided to take matters into her own hands. 

Now the act of Hagar conceiving a child with Abraham in Sarah's place was a normal practice of that time. But Sarah forgot that they didn't have a normal situation. Her mind wasn't in the mode of Romans  12:2 - “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” God intended her to have a child, not Hagar. And I believe it was a mixture of jealousy and guilt that caused the tension between the women in the first place, even further solidifying the history of the world as a whole(Issac vs Ishmael, Christianity vs. Islam).

We are so hasty to receive our blessings that we go off and out of God's master plan to obtain that blessing. Then we get mad when we enter the storm that we, ourselves created! Sarah wanted Abraham's promise to come to pass so bad that, when it didn't come when she felt it should, she offered up Hagar in her place. Then when what she wanted to happen happened, she got angry and upset, wanting God to intervene and fix the mess she made.

Don't get me wrong, Sarah was the mother of a great nation, and it was an honor that God saw her fit. But she wasn't perfect – she made mistakes too. The only thing is that her mistake altered the course of history. 

So, ladies, make sure to pay attention to the things that God's promises you, and hold tight to them. You don't wanna get too hasty and ruin it for yourself and possibly even the ones who will come after you.

Love you all, and I hope you have a blessed week, in Jesus' name!

The Lynching Calendar Is Now Available for Pre-order!

Monday, April 1, 2019

The time has come, you guys!!

I am SO EXCITED to announce that my debut novella, The Lynching Calendar, is now available for pre-order!!

This book has seriously been a long time coming, and I am so thankful that everything is finally coming together!

Keep in mind that The Lynching Calendar will officially release on October 18, 2018, so you'll have plenty of time to pre-order! I may also have a few sneak peeks and giveaways in the meantime too! ;)

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I'm so excited!! Thanks again to everyone for their support!!

My Last Baggage Call Aboard Air Force One by Glenn W. Powell

Friday, February 22, 2019

Write Now Literary Book Tours is pleased to be organizing a book blast tour for My Last Baggage Call Aboard Air Force One by Glenn W. Powell. This tour will run Feb 22, 2019. Click here to book your own tour. 

Genre of Book: Memoir, Motivational, Military Life and History

ISBN-10: 1986878406
ISBN-13: 978-1986878401
           Meet Glenn 

Sergeant First Class Glenn W. Powell (Retired) is a native of Toledo, Ohio. He enlisted into the United States Army in 1982 and retired in 2002. During his military career, he served as a heavy vehicle driver, a squad leader, and non-commissioned officer.

In September 1991, SFC Powell joined the George HW Bush White House as a chauffeur, and in 1992, was promoted to transportation coordinator for the white house Press Corps, serving in the Clinton Administration.

In December 1995, he assumed the duties of transportation supervisor for Air Force One.

In January 2001, during his service under President George W. Bush, SFC Powell was transferred to the White House Military Office, Customer Support and Organizational Development where he served as deputy director.

SFC Powell retired with distinction from the Military in 2002. He received numerous awards and decorations throughout his service, including the Legion of Merit Metal, Meritorious Service Medal, the Joint Service Achievement Medal, and the United States Army Achievement Medal with four oak leaf clusters. He received U.S. Service Ribbons for both domestic and overseas service.

Glenn and Ronda Holloway Powell have been married for 25 years, and have three sons, Darius, Warren, and Glenn, II. They reside in Virginia. For more information, or to contact Glenn Powell regarding availability for speaking opportunities, please email him at

              About The Book

Sergeant Glenn W. Powell’s MY LAST BAGGAGE CALL is the story of a most unlikely young man who leaves his working-class environment of Toledo, Ohio, to become a soldier. Seeking excitement and a way to “make something of himself,” Glenn Powell’s journey exceeds his wildest dreams—a journey that began in basic training in Fort Hood, Texas ends at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue—the most important address in the world. MY LAST BAGGAGE CALL is about so much more than Glenn Powell’s military journey, but about poignant memories of family, friendships, sacrifices, and love—central to his story is Ronda Holloway, the beautiful young woman he falls in love with in Manheim, Germany, and, who joins him on his life journey as wife, soulmate and mother to their two sons. MY LAST BAGGAGE CALL offers readers a glimpse into Sergeant Glenn Powell’s 30-year transformation from the much-beloved boy who seeks more in life…to the man, who discovers it—in adventure, in friendships, and in service to three American presidents. a service he delivered with pride, unquestioned loyalty, distinction and in the end, great admiration.


A Soldier’s Story 

Shortly after I turned 18, I enlisted in the army. Around that time, I learned that the young woman I’d been dating was pregnant, so going into the army would be an opportunity to provide for my child. The army sent me to Fort Dix in New Jersey for boot camp training on April 22, 1982. It was the perfect enlistment site for me.

Because of the popular television show, Dallas, I had in mind that I wanted to go to Fort Hood, Texas and meet JR Ewing. Not only did I meet Larry Hagman, the actor who played JR, but I also met the entire cast at one of the big Dallas malls. That was in the 80s when the networks spent money to have cast members show up to greet their fans, and when fans could easily get a photo with the stars. Meeting JR had been on my mental bucket list. Later I learned that “Klinger” from Mash and Danny Thomas were both from Toledo, and so I added them to the list.

In 1983, I re-enlisted and chose Hawaii as my next army stint. There for 18 months, I’m convinced that the Hawaii move helped me look long and hard at myself and my future. In Hawaii, I decided I needed to better myself. I enrolled at the Wahiawa Community School for Adults and got my high school diploma. My mother was so disappointed when I didn’t graduate from high school, so I did it as much for her as for myself.

My long transportation management career began in Wahiawa. I was one of a large number of applicants who applied for a temporary mission of driving for the Sergeant Major for the division. He was the senior enlisted man at the post. I beat out the other candidates for that position. Later, I drove for the one-star general at the post. After that, I returned to my unit and worked as the battalion mail clerk until he left in 1985. While there, I met friends and mentors who would help me decide on my career journey. That same year, I was asked to re-enlist, and First Sergeant Herbert Harris became a lifelong mentor and friend. Sergeant Harris recommended that I choose Fort Eustis in Newport News, Virginia for my re-enlistment. I remained at Fort Eustis from April 1985 until January 1988.

I became a squad leader, and for the next six months, I managed a squad of truck drivers in and around the base. After that, I was set on transportation becoming my specialty, but my career trajectory changed some when I was appointed to head up NCO Training, where I was responsible for the training of 270 soldiers.

Around this time, I met First Sergeant Fletcher Walker. He was sent in to straighten out our company, and he did just that. He would stand up at the top of the stairs with his hat covering his eyes but looking down at us. Sergeant Walker was a ‘soldier among soldiers,’ an airborne paratrooper, a Vietnam Veteran who had been shot three times. There was no one more surprised when he chose me to run the training.

I knew he had high expectations, and I was determined not to disappoint him. He was the kind of leaders for whom soldiers would fight and die. He was a true hero who taught me how to be a soldier and a man. He shared a lot about life with me. I imitated him in many ways so much that everyone would call me “Baby Walker.” I met his family and it was an honor. He retired as a Command Sergeant Major.

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Cover Reveal: The Lynching Calendar by Jessica Starks

Friday, January 18, 2019

Today I find myself looking back to 2013, my senior year of high school...

I'm sitting in my Statistics class, waiting for everyone else to finish their work. In an effort to cure my boredom, I decide to do something I love: write. I'm not sure what it is about my Statistics class, but I wind up writing to my heart's content, and as soon as I leave my class, my inspiration is gone until the next morning.

It is in this class, during my senior year, that leads me to this very moment. 

It was in this class that I wrote the book that will officially make me an author.

After much procrastination and then prayer, I am here. Five years later, I am finally brave enough to step out and share my art with the world.

I am thrilled to finally reveal the cover of my first book, The Lynching Calendar, which will be released October 18th, 2019!

Click here to sign up for my email list to keep up with me and to be the first to preorder!

About the Book

The Lynching Calendar gives readers a sneak peek into one of America's darkest times. History tends to tell the story from one perspective, but what if we had the chance to hear the story from those involved? The Lynching Calendar allows us a chance to hear the full story and show that, no matter what the circumstance may be, there is more than one side to every story. 

Being that this was my first book and it was such a HEAVY topic, I knew the design of the cover was important. I wanted the book to hit you as soon as you see it and immediately draw you in. I wanted the cover to be something that would cause conversation, even before the pages were opened. 

I'm so thankful to VC Book Cover Design for bringing my vision to life! Vikki was so easy to work with and prompt - highly recommend!

If you notice, there are small names etched into the tree on the cover of The Lynching Calendar. The names are the names of the main characters in each story of the collections and the dates are that of when they were born and when they passed. I feel so connected to each character and I wanted to honor them and bring the message of the entire book together by making their names visible.

I really hope you love the cover of The Lynching Calendar and I hope you will love the stories, and the messages inside! The book, both print and ebook, will be available for pre-order soon! Click here to sign up for my email list to keep up with me and to be the first to preorder!

Thank you SO MUCH for all your support of my first book! See you in October!

Bible Study: The Book of Micah

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Happy 2019!!

I'm so excited to be back with you guys this year, and what better way to start out the new year than with some Bible study! This month, you and I will be reading through the book of Micah!

Micah is a book that I've found myself overlooking for a long time, and I'm honestly never really remember any pastors or anyone really going through Micah much. So this is going to be exciting!

Before we start digging in, I wanted to take a moment to give you guys a brief rundown on Micah and what you can expect from our study these next few weeks!

The Intro

The book of Micah was written in Palestine around 772-722 B.C. by the prophet Micah(source: Dake Bible).

During the time that the book of Micah was written, Judah and Israel were going through a lot. A good king would come into power, followed by a good king, then another good one, and so on and so forth. 
Israel and Judah were also becoming worse, morally, and rejecting God. The book covers God's plans for judgment and restoration, as well as other prophesies from Micah. 
Mind you, I'm preparing and reading along with you guys. To me, it almost sounds like another book of Jonah. Jonah was an excellent study, so I can't wait to get into this one!
The Plan
We will read one chapter per week. So this week, read chapter 1 of Micah with me! On Sunday, I will post my commentary for the first chapter and we can have a discussion in the comments below or on Facebook! 
I'm excited to start reading and I can't wait to see what we can all learn from the book of Micah together!
See you soon!
Chapter 1
The first few verses really did take me back to Jonah. Israel had fallen ALL THE WAY off, especially Samaria and Jerusalem. All kinds of terrible things are going on, and Micah was instructed to let the citizens know that God had had ENOUGH!

When Micah said, "The Lord is making accusations against you(verse 2)," and "The Lord is coming(verse 3)." That was scary! But, if we stop and think about it, is that not what's happening in our world right now, in a way? It's like when you and your siblings are being too loud in your room and your dad warns you to chill out, but you keep getting loud anyway....then you hear his footsteps coming towards the room....all games are over! God was finished playing with these folks!

And how he called the cities out by name? Poor Moreshethgath had no chance to be saved (verse 14)! How scary is that? When God calls you out by name, you KNOW it's a problem!
There wasn't much else happening in chapter 1 of Micah, but it definitely set the stage for how the rest of the book will be. 
Chapter 2
Chapter 2 of Micah seems to focus on greedy and power-hungry people.
Micah had to let the people know that the tables were about to be turned - no longer would those people have the upper hand.
Verses 6-11 are interesting to me. They basically were like, "We dont receive that, dont tell us that. We don't like what you have to say."
This sounds pretty familiar. People dont wanna hear the truth, they'd rather just feel good than realize that God loves them enough to warn them! All they have to do is get right!
The chapter ends with God's redemptive plan. Despite all the wrong they've done, God had a plan. He would clear out the weeds and, with God's leadership, they'd be led back into victory.
It's amazing, God's redemptive power!
Chapter 3
To me, this chapter was a continuation of chapter 2. Micah was calling out the leaders in this chapter, making sure they understand that they lead their people astray in exchange for money and power. And, because of that. They will most definitely be held accountable. 
This is why people of God must know the word for themselves, "watch and pray," as the Bible instructs, use discernment, and pray for our leaders and those that we know have gone astray in the word and in practice.
Chapter 4
Chapter 4 of Micah was a bit more upbeat than the previous chapters. In this chapter, God basically lays out His plan. Despite their wrongs, God plans to redeem Israel and return it back to a place of godliness. He doesn't promise that the journey will be easy(notice the reference of labor pains), but it will be well worth it, not only for Israel, but for God's glory also. 
Chapter 5
In chapter 5, Micah discusses how foriegn powers will bring Israel to its knees; however God would bring a great ruler to Israel from Bethlehem. Now, we all know the significance of Bethlehem!
Micah told his people that, despite the punishment, God still loved Israel and still has a plan to restore them back to glory. Do much so that even future threats from outsiders wouldn't prosper due to God's blessing of leaders for Israel.
This is a great lesson to us all, individually and as a nation, that redemption is possible and that, despite the trials and tribulations, God does and always will have a plan for restoration!
Chapter 6
I really enjoyed Chapter 6 of Micah! In this chapter, Micah, being used by God, gives us a breakdown of the situation. 
In this chapter, we're taken to a courtroom, where God is the Plaintiff and Israel is the Defendant. God discusses how good he has been to Isreal and that any curses they've had, they brought on themselves, despite what Israel wants to believe. Israel tries to argue that they don't know what God wants from them and trying to say He asks for too much, but God broke that down too in verse 8. They couldn't say much after that.
God then goes on to lay out just how they were cursing themselves: bad business dealings, lies, sexual immorality - they were doing it all! But still felt like God was the source of their issues. Innacurate!
The chapter ends with God's judgement. And he reminds them that they are getting what they asked for, so they cannot blame Him at all. 
This chapter makes me think about how you see teenagers fighting with their parents on TV (and in real life, for some people!) The teen tries to make every excuse in the book for their behavior and compare to other nations. But God, just like any good parent, calmly shut them down and let them know who boss and their punishment for their actions. 
Chapter 7
In the last chapter of Micah, God reminds Israel that, although they were going to be punished, God already had a plan in place to restore the nation and bring them back in relationship with God.
This goes to show that God really is like our natural parents. We may get in trouble, anger, or upset our parents, but He still loves us and wants the best for us, no matter what. And He's always there to welcome us back with open arms. It's a beautiful thing.
So, there you have it! We finished the book of Micah! What did you think about the chapter? 
What should we read next? Tell me in the comments below!

Product Review: Tikoro Foot Pads

Thursday, January 3, 2019

*I received this product in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

In 2019, one of my big goals is to find new and different ways to take care of my body and cleanse myself of all the bad stuff that may be blocking all the good stuff!

I was excited to have the opportunity to try out the Tikoro Foot Pads!

I've heard a lot about foot pads in the past and how they're supposed to be helpful, but I have also heard many stories about foot pads not really being as helpful as they're portrayed to be, so I was interested to see what Tikoro had to offer!

Tikoro touts a few things about their foot pads:

  • "­čî┐PRODUCED WITH ALL NATURAL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: We ensure that each foot pad is curated with 100% natural and premium ingredients to aid a naturally healthy lifestyle. We've upgraded our formula to give you the best results and to ensure the comfort and health of our families
  • ­čĺÄIMPROVED & PREMIUM QUALITY: Our aromatherapy foot patches have FDA and CE certification quality, they are infused in natural essential oils and each foot pad contains pure bamboo vinegar extract, Dextrin, and Tourmaline. All natural ingredients that improve both circulation and cognitive relaxation. Boost vitality metabolism and replenish your energy levels. Support a healthy immune system
  • ️EXPERIENCE THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF TIKORO FOOT PADS: will aid in the feeling of Improved quality of sleep, stress relief, soothing aches and pains, increased energy, foot pain relief, enhanced mental function, and a boosted immune system"

All that sounds amazing, but how do they REALLY work? 

The packaging was really nice and came with a nice thank you card, as well as a mini ebook with healthy recipes!

The foot pads were a bit bigger than I expected them to be, but it's not a big deal. They smelled pretty good and came in four different scents: lavender, green tea, rose, and ginger.

The Tikoro foot pads were easy to put on and they stuck well. I put them on in the living room, and it felt kind of funny walking to my bedroom with these pads on, but it was all good!

My mom and I both tried these foot pads the same night. Her pads stayed on her feet all night, but for some reason, I woke up and couldn't find either one of mine! Lol. Guess I sleep too rough. 

The next morning, the pads were completely black, and the bottom of her foot was sticky from the pad adhesive.

Kind of gross, right?

Again, my pads didn't stay on, so I have no report to give, lol. But I will be trying again! The box contained 16 pads so I have a few times to test this thing out.

I will keep you updated on how the pads look as the days go on!

Swag IQ Referral Promotion

Thursday, January 3, 2019

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